søndag den 29. marts 2009

new video omg!

yay, i have made a new video, not with wow, but with flash games omg hax l33t ftw!!!eleven! (omg spamming the shorts is so fucked) (yet another attempt by me to be funny)

the movie is here!

onsdag den 21. januar 2009


oh my god oh my god oh my god, urinating tree is back, and so are his videos!!!!!! the genius is back....... funny..... ohh well umm..... go watch him..... yeah

fredag den 2. januar 2009

small video

umm so yeah i have made a small video, its nothing more then 11-12 secs long,
its named "Best Pet"
it's on both wegame.com and YouTube.com
WeGame: here
YouTube: here

lørdag den 29. november 2008

the end, of a series.

hello again, in this post i will tell you that... i am ending my series: crazy adventures of faros. the reason is that it is pointless and i do never more play on him, maybe i will in the future, start a series with my death knight!!! Ramaras!. so, when i do, i will make a blog post about it

lets all have a minute silence for my series of fuck.

lørdag den 9. august 2008

Wegame won't cooperate -.-'

Hello again, again its been sometime since the last post, and this time i want to say, i have actually thought and filmed 2 movies, i will keep them a secret until made but the thing is, they wont import into windows movie maker without it crashing, which robs me the opportunity of making some new movies -.-' stupid WeGame.... (i apologize wegame for saying this, but your program just doesn't work right now....)

mandag den 28. juli 2008

what is mini-teen doing right now??

if some of you have been wondering: what the fuck is mini-teen doing since he ain't making some new posts, new vids, or anything good!!!
well here's the answer:
#1: i've been playing wow, w3, SSBB and other games
#2: been to a koncert
#3: sleeping alot
#4: watching some movies in my house
#5: surfed the internet for stuff
#6: played shitty internet flash player games i found and though: NEW GAME I NEVER SEEN!! MUST CHECK OUT IMMEDEATLY!!
#7: hated my life and done nothing
#8: thinking of new scenarious for my Crazy Adventures of Faros. Series
#9: though of a new event
#10: yelled at stuff:
#11: bother/begging my cousin about boosting me on Faros
#12: bother/begging my brother about boosting me on Faros
#13: annoyed my bro and got beaten up
#14 made shitty new playlist on youtube called: Wtf Was i thinking
#15 making shitty movies because i was bored
#16: been happy
#17: ruining a kids believe in santa claus (mwahahaha rofl >:) )
#18: eaten babies (ok maybe not this)
#19: made pictures using Wow Model Viewer, google pictures, or Wow Map Viewer
#20: watching comics on http://www.roosterteeth.com/home.php
#21: having guilt feelings for my mom because she is so kind to me and i just pisses her up and down her back (not literaly)
#22: now updating my blog with a new post.

that would do at yowee, 22 things i've been doing... thats a whole lot.. so you guys see, i've had lots of good and bad reasons for not making a new movie with Faros or keeping up my blog...

torsdag den 24. juli 2008

no new info, new pictures

umm hi, i haven't got any good info or post stuff right now, but i have been making some more pictures with wow charactors and umm... here they are (and the little green square on the top one is my wegame wich i forgot to turn off...

lørdag den 12. juli 2008

first real movie made, intro not used

i have made my first real real movie where its me in the role as Faros wich is my warrior that i started on bloodhoof (because i have family playing there wich both have 2 lvl 70) where i do some shit and stuff, import it to my "WMM", cut stuff out, set in music, and then i download it to my computer and followed by uploading to youtube, in youtube i then at some text bubbles because i am... well... there's actualy 2 reason for not just makin voices: #1: my voice is weird right now, and i can't find a good voice that sound right for a male undead warrior thats a looney... and #2: i'm to fucking lazy...

the reason i didn't use my intro that i announced was because i realized that it was fucking retarded and not humerous.... well... thats it for today, and now for a picture i made because i have to much time:....

and yes... u may tell me its awesome!!

mandag den 30. juni 2008

urinating tree, or the fat mann judgeth is gone :((((

as we all now probably know (if your a fan of his funny movies) urinating tree is gone which is just plain sad :((((( i'm gonna miss his fun, especially because YouTube for some fucktarded reasons thinks its a good idea to say that when they ban an account (which they had already done to avgn (which ain't so great i think) and armake (which is just plain bad i think) its a VERY GOOD idea to remove the movies! WRONG! its a fucktarded idea, so for know when i'm sad i can't even get a laugh from the good old Sega genesis reviewer; urinating tree, luckily Ebeeto is still around, but he ain't around, and doesn't upload some new movies, or improve his blog :( anywho, lets have a 5 minutes silence for urinating tree, the crazy plagiarized man we all know, and we all loved (not love loved ofc)

ah the heck with it...btw... umm.... i got... school break (summer ftw in Denmark) so i'll just hang around my home for the next... 2 months.....yea...

søndag den 29. juni 2008


I GOTS IT! YAY!I GOT SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL! (and i already got all the playable d00ds u can get lol) and umm... well... else i got nothing to say.... OHH YEAH! I ALMOST FORGOT! i rox ^^ i always got 1'st 2'nd (and in few cases 3'rd)place IF i play as ike! :P ike is cool xD (the picture is of ike (btw this note is for pie heads, dumasses, idiots, bums, and other d00ds that AIN'T very clever))

torsdag den 26. juni 2008

my new blog logo!

i've made a blog logo (as you can see) and it rox!
but.... no new "exiting" posts today

onsdag den 25. juni 2008

audacity works! but won't import to movie maker

as i previously said me audacity works, but it won't import the audio into my windows movie maker, wich is really annoying and.... half assed....., it keeps telling me this C:\Documents and Settings\Name (no i don't tell u my name lol)\Dokumenter\audacity sound recordings for movies\secret for u until made\b00004.au could not be imported. The selected file is not valid or is corrupted. if you know why it does that, plzz post a commentary telling me what i'm doing wrong.... (and yes this is my second post on 1 day!)

Recording program and sound program found!

i've downloaded fraps version 2.1 or something like that (the most most important thing is its fraps k?) and a voice recording program called audacity wich is actualy REALLY good, it even allows me to record multiple lines at one time and then play all at once or just 1 solo and even mute, really nice, so its all good. but 1 think that ain't very good is that my fraps is as retarded as my webcam and wont work, i don't know if its want to me registry for something (i think it is that, that is wrong because there is a registry button in it) but the problem is, that it wants MONEY TO REGISTRY! (stupid thing, it said it was freeware and then it take money to registry) and the biggest problem is that i'm a teen, and some of the money that i got is going to the super smash bros. brawl that i ordered (wich is 400 crowns wich is the danish money (its about....80 dollars or 36 pounds (being that a dollar is about 5 times as much and a pound about 11 times as much)) and that i ain't got a credit card.... i could beg my parrents or bother my big bro or something (or maybe not bother my big bro, then he will just beat me to a pulp -.-) and btw, if your a moron that can't think or read, the pictures are fraps and audacity, for now! i wish you goodday

tirsdag den 24. juni 2008

I'll gotta try to make my webcam work

hi again, i'm gonna try to make my webcam work, when i get to concentrate (and pardon my writing, i am danish, i'm 14, and my writing sux) but when i get my webcam to work, i'll try to make some new movies, (hurray) my first movie will be a serie i would that i will call Gorilla Arena, where it will be Donkey Kong in SSBB, (or super smash bros. brawl for those pie brains that doesn't know) but it first comes out in denmark 27/6, but, i already ordered it on something called cool shop (over the internet), so i maybe have it some time in july, or if i'm really lucky i'll have it even before july... maybe sometime in around 29/6, but then i'll have to be really lucky, so FOR NOW! BE READY! BECAUSE MY FIRST MOVIE WILL SOON BE OUT (if... i'm lucky...)

mandag den 23. juni 2008

MY FIRST REAL MOVIE!!!..... hasn't been made

i've started on my first movies start, and finished it, you can see it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMN7xo0RVh4 remember, its just a start of a movie/intro so its very short, its under a minute as far as i remember, its 29 seconds, now go! go watch my creative creation! and then! say its 1337! (or else ur gonna burn in hell tommorow when u wake up (lol))